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Media Coverage of THE RECORD MAN

Formerly titled "Rock Your Baby"


South Florida Arts Beat Features "The Record Man"

WLRN — January 16, 2015

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Listen as South Florida Arts Beat sits down with Director and Producer Mark Moormann to discuss "The Record Man." As heard on WLRN's South Florida Arts Beat, 1/16/2015, produced and hosted by Ed Bell.  

The Miami New Times

The Record Man Documentary: "Henry Stone's

Story Is the Story of Miami Music History"

By Jake Katel — March 4, 2015

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From 1948 to 2014, Henry Stone ruled the Florida music industry with an iron fist, a wad of cash, and a warehouse full of vinyl. Whether forming a label with James Brown or racking up as many back to back number-one Billboard pop hits as the Beatles, he made his mark on global culture.

Raphael Munnings and T-Connection featured in "The Record Man" documentary

March 5, 2015

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Bahamian Raphael Munning band's hit single, "Funky Nassau" reached number 15 on billboard top 100 charts and top 10 R&B charts. Munning's band and other Bahamian artists had a tremendous influence on the Miami Sound.

ABC Affiliate WPBF

West Palm Beach Musicians Featured in Documentary

March 24, 2015

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Watch as Mitchell Egber and Jimmy "Bo" Horne discuss "The Record Man."  

"It has given me the opportunity to go places that I read about, Barcelona, Spain, Madrid, Brazil, Italy and Germany and hear people that love music that came right out of this town." 

Independent Ethos

Recap of Miami International Film Festival

March 18, 2015

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"But the most thrilling documentary I saw was The Record Man, a film that looked at the life of Henry K. Stone, founder of Hialeah's TK Records, which is best known for having produced some of the most popular Disco hits of the '70s."


Portrait of a Hit Man: Film Examines Life of Miami Music Mogul Henry Stone

March 9, 2015

Listen to the Story


Listen as Director and Producer Mark Moormann discusses "The Record Man" with Christine DiMattei.  "Henry's history is truly the history of music in Miami.  And it goes back 70 years.  And we tell that story in this film."

The Tampa Tribune

Filmmaker's Latest Effort has Disco Stayin' Alive

March 8, 2015

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"Moormann's latest documentary celebrates the history of disco through the story of one of its biggest influences - the late Miami music producer and record executive Henry Stone."

The Miami New Times

The Record Man's Funky Party

March 12, 2015

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"Henry Stone was probably drinking Cognac with James Brown in the aferlife looking down on the rooftop of the Betsy Hotel for The Record Man's awesome opening party.

New Mexico Travel

'The Record Man': KC of the Sunshine Band fame stops in ABQ for screening of friend's film

May 29, 2015

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Harry Wayne Casey has created some of the most popular music.


Casey, or KC, fronts the popular KC and the Sunshine Band and he will be in the Duke City for a Q&A session on Wednesday, June 4, after the screening of the documentary, “The Record Man.”

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Rolling Stone

2015: The Year Music Documentaries Brought Back the Dead

December 31, 2015

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"Mark Moormann's The Record Man shed some equally welcome light on some behind-the-scenes heavyweights who have "left the building" . . . Miami music mogul Henry Stone."

Sam Moore (Sam & Dave) interview

Focus on Film

PBC Locales Star in "Rockin" Doc

The Newsletter for the Palm Beach Television and Film Commission — March 2013

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“The film is Rock Your Baby, and it’s not just about the great music known worldwide, it’s about the hearts and determination of the artists and Stone, overcoming obstacles and working together, to bring that music to the world.”

Miami New Times

TK Records Reunites for Henry Stone Documentary 
With George McCrae, Timmy Thomas, Latimore, Little Beaver, and Others

Jacob Katel — February 2013

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“TK was a humble eight-track studio in Hialeah operated by a close-knit team of musicians and songwriters. The family worked together on each other’s songs and made huge hits.”


Art Loft Features the Making of "Rock Your Baby"

WPBT2 — October  2013

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“Henry Stone is a legend in the music business. His career has stretched over 60 years. Stone co-founded indie giant "TK Records" right here in South Florida and introduced the world to Disco. His open-door policy for musicians of diverse musical backgrounds laid the groundwork for an iconic Miami sound. But if you think Disco is his only success story, think again.”

Long Play Miami

The Making of "Rock Your Baby"

By Albert  de la Portilla - March 2013

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“Henry Stone’s son, Joe, told me that this film is an idea they’ve been kicking for years but they could never find the right director or  producer. Then they were introduced to Mark Moormann, a documentary filmmaker who’s last film was nominated for a Grammy and garnered buzz at several film festivals in 2011.”

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